65 FSM Citizens Stranded in Guam to be Repatriated to the FSM’s State of Pohnpei on June 7th, 2021; Per C.R. 22-06, the Declaration of Public Health Emergency is Extended to September 30th, 2021

The following is the standard list of information that the FSM National and State COVID Task Forces request from anyone who wants to be repatriated home. The FSM National or the respective State COVID TF will upload your name and information to their master list of stranded citizens.  At some point the National or respective State COVID TF will contact you to let you know when they could possibly repatriate you home. At the moment, Pohnpei State is the only FSM state that requires and issues a certificate to grant or clear entry. Stranded citizens or residents are encouraged to notify the FSM National & State COVID Task Forces or the nearest FSM Embassy or Consulate for assistance. 

1. Passport bio page
2. Date of departure from PNI/FSM
3. Date of original return to PNI/FSM
4. Flight booking number
5. Purpose of travel outside of FSM
6. Country/area of current residence abroad
7. Contact e-mail
8. Contact phone
9. Record/proof of full vaccination against COVID-19 (if completed already)
10. Application for certificate of qualified entry (CQE) for Pohnpei State