“I cannot emphasize enough,” President Panuelo said in his remarks, “how proud I am today as the ninth President of our Nation to have the opportunity to administer the oath of office to our
Ambassador to the United States, Ambassador Susaia—and to administer the oath of office to our [DCM], Jackson Soram. I congratulate both of you…you know that this is a new administration and I have said that my success is NOT my success alone, but for the entirety of the people of the
FSM. We are one Nation, a proud Nation, and I appreciate your hard efforts in building our Nation
forward.” FSM President, David Panuelo

Meet Our Team

Akillino Harris Susaia


Jack T. Soram

Deputy Chief of Mission

Raleigh T. Welly

First Secretary

Kimberly Yamaguchi Biza

Administrative Specialist

Joycelynn M. Aiken

Executive Secretary

James T. Stovall III

Legal Counsel