Citizens’ Documents at the Embassy

Public Announcement 

Citizens’ Documents at the Embassy

Public Announcement #21-07

October 17, 2021

This is a public announcement to the following FSM citizens whose names are listed below.  The Embassy of the Federated States of Micronesia in D.C. wishes to inform you that we are in possession of your documents such as I-94s and/or Social Security cards.  These documents were turned over to the Embassy as Lost & Found.  We encourage these citizens to contact the Embassy as soon as practicable.  Please be informed that in order to retrieve your documents, you will be required to verify and confirm information available to us, such as your date of birth, FSM State of residency, and/or passport numbers

Names (Last, First, Middle):

      1. Aidel, Mary
      2. Alafanso, Carol
      3. Alik, Ronnie R.
      4. Aliwi, Andino
      5. Barker, Satleen
      6. Clarence, Chloe
      7. Daniel, Jancie
      8. Edward, Kiumihna
      9. Encher, Sungichy
      10. Hainrick, John Jr.
      11. Hutchinson, Gloria Yirwor
      12. Johnny, Iepta
      13. Kalson, Cheerless M.
      14. Kiteuo, Keileen
      15. Lekka, Gromyko S.  
      16. Lingkol, Mark
      17. Ludwig, Netipan
      18. Machuo, Masterino E.
      19. Martin, Mathew (M-One)
      20. Martin, Rosalinda
      21. Meippen, Sinbad
      22. Melander, Leo Bronson
      23. Osomai, Penrina
      24. Palik, Sepe K.  
      25. Palsis, Steve
      26. Rain, Relive                          
      27. Rodriguez, Edward W.
      28. Rodriguez, Piuh
      29. Rudolph, Dean Joseph
      30. Salazar, Raymar Albert
      31. Sally, Jennifer
      32. Samor, Benter E.
      33. Saremeia, Loose
      34. Sharry, Narson
      35. Simiray, Silvia
      36. Sinem, Endy
      37. Welley, Henry Arson

Due to the need to establish true identify of individuals, this matter can only be handled through phone calls to the Embassy and NOT emails, website messages, or Messenger.  Please ask for Mrs. Joycelynn Aiken at the Embassy at telephone number (202)223-4383, on Monday to Friday, from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. EST.