FSM Citizens Eligibility for SBA Loans and Services

Public Announcement

 FSM Citizens Eligibility for SBA Loans and Services

Public Announcement No. 21-05

July 08, 2021


The FSM Embassy in DC would like to inform citizens living in the United States who are engaged in, starting up, or operating small businesses in the United States, that as citizens of the FSM, you are eligible to apply for Small Business Association (SBA) loans and services as provided for under relevant U.S. statute establishing the SBA as well as Public Law 108-188 that approved the Compact of Free Association, as amended. 

The Embassy has been working closely with the SBA to confirm this eligibility and to ensure that applications from FSM citizens are dully considered.  Ultimately, it is the sole decision of the SBA to approve loans and services.  The SBA website can be accessed for more information at sba.gov.   

Accordingly, the Embassy would like to encourage all citizens who are business owners and entrepreneurs residing in the United States and have the desire to take advantage of the SBA loans and services to visit the SBA website at sba.gov, or contact the FSM Embassy in DC for further guidance.  You may reach us at the Embassy at Email dcmission@fsmembassy.fm or phone number (202)223-2383.  You can also visit the Embassy’s website at www.fsmembassy.fm and leave a message, or contact us the Embassy’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/fsmembassy.fm