FSM President Panuelo Concludes State Visit to Yap by Proclaiming Woleai Atoll as Temporary Host of the Office of the President

PALIKIR, Pohnpei—His Excellency David W. Panuelo, President of the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM), has recently concluded his first State Visit to the State of Yap. After an exit meeting with the leadership of Yap State and the signing of an outcomes document, the President and his delegation sojourned to Woleai Atoll, and then back to Pohnpei State.


During the exit meeting with Yap State’s leadership, the latter solicited President Panuelo’s assistance to extend Pacific Mission Aviation (PMA) flights into the Republic of Palau, as well as assistance in addressing the ban on imported labor from the Republic of the Philippines which is heavily impacting infrastructure projects in Yap and other FSM States. President Panuelo advised that, regarding PMA, and potentially Caroline Islands Air as well, flights will resume to the Republic of Palau after the COVID-19 Pandemic has subsided; and, regarding the labor ban, the President advised that the FSM National Government is working diligently to address this issue bilaterally with the Philippines.


The other items discussed in the exit meeting, and the other substantive briefings held, can be found in a summarized outcomes document available here: https://gov.fm/files/Joint%20Communiques/First_Visit_by_H_E__David_W__Panuelo_to_the_State_of_Yap_Outcome_DOC-compressed.pdf


After departing Yap State, the President and his delegation visited Woleai Atoll. While there, the
President informed the People of Woleai Atoll of the goings-on in the Nation’s capital. The
President concluded his visit to Woleai by proclaiming that the Office of the President was
temporarily hosted by the atoll. The President’s proclamation is available here: https://gov.fm/files/March_7_2022-Presidential_Proclamation-Woleai.pdf 


While in the State of Yap, President Panuelo and the Honorable Isaac V. Figir made a number of gifts and/or promises of gifts using funding available from the Office of the President’s representation fund. In all, the President provided the following support to the State of Yap: $500 to Rumuu, Fanif; $500 to Gilman boys and girls; $500 to Dugor, Weloy boys and girls; one outboard motor and one boat (of the community’s choosing) to the Tamil Marine Protected Areas Initiative; $3,000 to the Yap Women’s Association; $3,000 to the Neighboring Islands Women’s Association; $3,000 worth of food to the Fisheries & Maritime Institute; $1,000 to Bael Elementary School; $1,000 to Colonia Middle School; $1,000 to Dalipebinaw Elementary School; $1,000 to Faith Christian Academy; $1,000 to Fanif Elementary School; $1,000 to Gaanelay Elementary School; $1,000 to Gagil Elementary School; $1,000 to Gilman Elementary School; $1,000 to Maap Elementary School; $1,000 to North Fanif Elementary School; $1,000 to St. Mary’s School; $5,000 to Tamilang Elementary School; $5,000 to Yap Catholic High School; $1,000 to Yap International Christian School; $1,000 to Yap Seventh Day Adventist School; $1,000 to Woleai Elementary School; $1,000 to Neighboring Islands High School; and a promise to restore internet connectivity to Woleai Atoll. Additionally, where appropriate, the President gifted various items to the People of Woleai, such as school supplies.


The FSM National Government is committed to the values on the Nation’s seal of peace, unity, and liberty. The FSM National Government extends its sincere appreciation to the People & Government of the State of Yap for their hospitality and warm welcome afforded to President Panuelo and his delegation.