Palikir Water Well Provides for Government & Community

PALIKIR, Pohnpei—Recently, the Honorable Aren B. Palik—Vice President of the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM)—joined the Honorable Reed B. Oliver, Governor of the FSM State of Pohnpei, and the Honorable Marvin T. Yamaguchi, Speaker of the Pohnpei State Legislature, and Mr. Nixon Anson, General Manager of the Pohnpei Utilities Corporation (PUC), as well as numerous additional representatives and officials of the FSM National Government, Pohnpei State Government, and the Iso Nahnken of Sokehs, in a ceremony to celebrate the delivery of a new water well in Palikir. Funded by the FSM Congress, the water well was drilled and designed for both government and community use.

In his remarks, Vice President Palik emphasized his appreciation for the cooperation between multiple agencies and layers of government that resulted in the completion of the water well. “This Project provides an excellent example of collaboration between our different levels of Government,” Vice President Palik said. “The funds were provided by the FSM Congress, with technical oversight and contracts administered by the FSM Executive Branch, and the implementation at the state level.”


Other projects demonstrative of cooperation between the FSM National Government and Pohnpei State Government in areas falling under PUC’s mandate include the Omnibus Infrastructure Project, which improved PUC’s wastewater treatment system; the Iron Removal Plant; the extension of the PUC water system to Diadi; and the further extension of the water system to Kinakapw, which the FSM Government expects will be starting soon.

In their remarks, Speaker Yamaguchi described his gratitude and appreciation for the project, describing that all of Pohnpei is a well, and should be harvested to support all of the communities of Pohnpei; Governor Oliver emphasized that teamwork and unity across local, State, and National Government has shown that anything can be accomplished; and PUC Manager Anson expressed his gratitude and appreciation to PUC’s employees for their hands-on efforts in contributing to the project’s success.