The FSM Will Formally Join the Local 2030 Islands Network; President Panuelo Endorses the Marshall Islands Speaking on the FSM's Behalf at Forthcoming U.S. Climate Summit

PALIKIR, April 16th 2021 (FSMIS)—On April 14th, 2021, after a series of productive discussions with his Cabinet, His Excellency David W. Panuelo—President of the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM)—has taken action to ensure that the FSM will formally join the Local 2030 Islands Network.
Citizens may recall President Panuelo developing a partnership with the Hawai’i Green Growth Local 2030 Hub, a component unit of the Local 2030 Islands Network, in 2019; formally joining the Local 2030 Islands Network, then, both formalizes and strengthens the Nation’s partnership with both Hawai’i Green Growth, whose Aloha+ Challenge initiative was inspired by the Micronesia Challenge, and other members.
With the overarching objective of addressing Climate Change and sustainability, it is the view of the FSM National Government that its membership in the Local 2030 Islands Network will strengthen existing climate and sustainability-focused partnerships and initiatives, such as with the Micronesia Conservation Trust, Micronesia Challenge, and Blue Prosperity Micronesia. This will occur in part through the development of online and publicly accessible dashboards to track progress on sustainability goals, and to provide coherence across other reporting mechanisms.
The Local 2030 Islands Network supports opportunities for islands to learn, share, and support, across both the public and private sector, local implementation of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This is accomplished through the Local 2030 Islands Network’s four principles of identifying local goals, measuring progress through data, strengthening partnerships, and implementing concrete initiatives.
The Honorable Andrew Yatilman, Secretary of the Department of Environment, Climate Change, & Emergency Management (DECEM), writing on behalf of President Panuelo and the FSM National Government, informed the Local 2030 Islands Network Secretariat in an April 16th, 2021 letter that the Nation supports the Local 2030 Islands Network and seeks to become a member. “[DECEM] will serve as the FSM’s focal point for the Local 2030 Islands Network,” Secretary Yatilman wrote. “It is my honor and pleasure to convey the best wishes and appreciation of [President Panuelo] to Executive Director Celeste Connors, Hawai’i Green Growth Local 2030 Hub, and Executive Director Kate Brown, Global Island Partnership, for your dedication…and for inviting the FSM to formally confirm our membership in the Network.”
Also on April 14th, 2021, President Panuelo virtually attended a convening of the Micronesian Presidents Summit (MPS). Beyond the ongoing discussions regarding the Micronesian subregion’s grievances with the Pacific Island Forum (PIF), the Micronesian Presidents discussed numerous other topics of import, including each country’s COVID-19 vaccination campaign, the Republic of Palau’s limited Sterile Corridor for its tourism sector, and extensive discussion regarding the upcoming Climate Summit hosted by U.S. President Joseph R. Biden Jr.
President Panuelo advised His Excellency David Kabua, President of the Republic of the Marshall Islands, that the FSM is proud of the Marshall Islands for being invited to the U.S.-hosted Climate Summit, and that the Nation has total and absolute confidence in the Marshall Islands to represent the FSM and the broader Micronesian subregion.
“Rest assured, President Kabua, that the FSM has total and absolute confidence in the Marshall Islands to represent us at the U.S.-hosted Climate Summit. When the Marshall Islands speaks at the summit with President Biden and other leaders, the World will know that the position of the Marshall Islands is also the position of the FSM and our Micronesian subregion,” President Panuelo said.
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